our history

Destination Destiny is a Chicago based 501(c)3 started in 2006 with a mission to help youth experience the power of God in their lives. We serve schools, churches, para-churches and community youth organizations of all demographics in the rural, suburban and urban communities across the United States. As a Kingdom-minded ministry, we believe what God is doing everywhere is more important that what God is doing in any single ministry.

Our years of experience as youth ministry leaders, business professionals, parents and teachers drives our dedication to building a community of young people ages 13 – 23; parents or guardians who have the Biblical responsibility for raising those young people; organizational leaders who create and execute programs and activities and volunteers that assist in training and developing young people all focused on equipping youth to engage, discern and make good choices as they walk out their DESTINY.


Over the years D2M has identified that young people need guidance not only spiritually and academically but also socially in reaching their destiny. Helping youth discover who they are, what God requires of them and how they accomplish God’s will for their lives in the midst of their daily circumstances requires prayer, planning, patience, dedication and understanding that can be a challenge to even the most skilled of leaders. Youth are successful when those around them successfully point them in the right direction.   Youth will only know how to live victorious lives when adults assist them in seeing that their present has meaning and they are able to create a vision and purpose that operates as their north star.


Destination Destiny Ministries understands these challenges and through our three mandates supports this community of believers. The first mandate arises from Matthew 28, which commands us to simply make disciples. The second mandate comes from Galatians, which teaches that adults are the gatekeepers of our youth through their transitional states. The third mandate is grounded in the teachings of Mark 10:35-45, which states we are to work towards the best interest of others.


Destination Destiny  provides leadership training, information, workshops and services to help youth and  leaders who help youth grow in their faith.

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