Welcome to Destination Destiny

D2M is a Chicago based 501(c)3 started in 2006 with a mission to help youth experience the power of God in their lives.   D2M operates as a collaborative convener, who brings together project specific expertise to multiply ministry impact in the areas that matter most to our clients.  When a project is complete, we step back and let the client celebrate the results.  We serve churches and community youth organizations in the rural, suburban and urban communities across the United States and France.  D2servers four broad audiences which all must work in partnership for the success of ministry:

– Young people ages 13 – 23;

– Parents or guardians who have the Biblical responsibility for raising those young people;

– Organizational leaders & pastors who create, execute and provide guidance;

– Volunteers that assist in training and developing young people.

D2M believe young people need guidance spiritually, academically, socially and financially in reaching their destiny.  Helping young people to discover who they are, what God requires of them and how they accomplish God’s will for their life in the midst of their daily circumstances requires prayer, planning, patience, dedication and understanding that can be a challenge to even the most skilled of leaders.