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“Teaching youth to maintain identity and dignity in an unsupportive society”          #ImpactDestiny

            Shaping attitudes,

                           Shaping abilities,

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our Mission


The mission of Destination Destiny is to inspire young people to become responsible, high-character global citizens, mobilizing them for significant living as future leaders, husbands and wives.  We prepare them to build resilient lives through relational, experiential and educational activities that enables them to unlock their passion, potential and purpose.                 #ImpactDestiny

our sponsors of disruption

We often associate the word “disruptor” with someone “causing problems” when in reality disruptors are simply those who rebel against the “status quo” that has been established or allowed to persist or exist.
We recognize and thank our sponsors for helping to positively alter the way our young people think, behave, study, learn and make day-to-day choices. They have agreed to support our high-impact initiatives that are helping to address the core problems young people face.

the new urban


What is the NEW URBAN?

With more than half of the world’s populations now living in cities, and urbanization occurring at unprecedented rates, there is opportunity to rethink how youth serving organizations are designed to support everyday life. For urban practitioners, Destination Destiny’s New Urban Agenda offers a compelling vision for the future as theologically resilient, sustainable and inclusive. The agenda argues that relational activities should be people-centered, culturally contextualized and support critical thinking that enable youth to live compassionate, self-determined lives.

Young people today share a commonality in mindset and mental complexity.  They see the world through a common lens; ethnicity and location do not drive their choices.  Youth Workers who still focus on putting people in a box, marginalizing segments of the population and trying to offer solutions without portfolio are no longer relevant in speaking to their needs.

We believe that the root cause’s of the challenges young people face are the same in rural, suburban and urban environments. The difference is how they are named and the veracity of their accounts. Young people are keenly aware of this, are you?  The symptoms may vary from community to community but how we help young people work through their challenges require the youth worker to address the root cause of what is really happening in their target  community.

The New Urban simply put, it’s

  • a lifestyle that permeates all segments
  • non-geographical
  • 24-hour global, all encompassing and omnipresent media
  • multi-cultural, multi-racial, multi-tasking, multi-media and multi-generational
  • both / and
  • a reframed narrative
  • a prism of parallel identity layers that all intersect
  • a digital natives lifestyle
  • the experience, expectations and engagement
  • Cosmopolitan meets the thug & Hip-Hop with a violin
Contact us to unpack this concept with your team.  Are you prepared to guide generation Z through the challenges of the New Urban?