Consulting Services

Destination Destiny operates as a collaborative convener, who brings together project specific expertise to multiply impact in the areas that matter most to our clients. When a project is complete, we step back and let the client celebrate the results.

Destination Destiny assists Youth serving organizations in aligning, arranging and applying maximum effectiveness for sustained character and personal development.  Our (W)holistic approach ensures that whether you are in the planning stages, tweaking some aspect of the strategy or totally restructuring your organization, you consider the effects of any adjustments on the entire organization.  Partnering with Destination Destiny adds proven thought leadership and infrastructure building expertise to every aspect of your team.

 The only true measure of effectiveness answers the question – Are we making disciples as Jesus commanded in Matthew 28?   The answer is not, creative programming, increased attendance, awesome mission trips and satisfied parents:  It  is revealed by the transformation in the lives of the youth under your care.



Pursuing Passionate Purpose Through Volunteering

Building teams who support and encourage one another as they live out their faith commitment to the Youth in your organization

  • – Understanding the 21st Century Volunteer
  • – Recruiting Volunteers
  • – Mobilizing the Collective Power of Volunteers
  • – Understanding the Youth Culture
  • – Building Effective Relationships Between Volunteers & Youth

Partnering With Parents

Biblically rooted in Deuteronomy 6:4-9, where believers are mandated to pass their family’s faith legacy to the next generations by equipping, encouraging and networking youth workers so they can nurture the spiritual growth of their children

 Build a relationship with parents so that they see your organization as a valuable partner to support their child’s development

Relaying relevant, important information that parents will appreciate

Inspire, encourage and challenge parents

Equipping volunteers to work with parents

Propelling Youth Into Their Destiny

Train your Youth by not just pouring into them, but pulling out of them the gifts and talents that are within them.

  • – The Requirements of Leadership
  • – Communicating with Leadership
  • – Structuring for Success
  • – Leading Peers
  • – Futurecasting For Your DESTINY

Providing Exposure and Impact

Providing young people exposure to business, culture and educational leaders and venues they might not have an opportunity to experience.  Exposure opens their minds to possibilities of their future.

  • – International Service and Learning trip
  • – Business Leader Job Shadowing
  • – Corporate site visits


Infrastructure Design

No one individual can adequately represent your message in a clear and comprehensive way. It takes an entire community with a specific sense of mission that supports the larger vision of the organization

  • – Identifying Your organizations Core Values
  • – Creating a Culture of Discipline
  • – Designing Appropriate Support Systems
  • – Building Passionate, Purposeful Teams
  • – Spiritual Ingredients to Implementing Vision
  • – Developing Measures of Progress

Perfecting Your Organization DNA

Organizing performance to create long-term sustainable results through disciplined people, thoughts and actions

  • – Including Parents
  • – Giving Youth A Voice
  • – Creating an Environment Your Youth Feel Welcome and Wanted
  • – Determining What You Really Need To Track
  • – Using Technology to Assist In Achieving Your Objectives



Youth Lifestyle Research

Examining the major influences that are driving the beliefs, practices, habits, values and preferences of young people.

Vision Casting

Developing vision for your Youth;  Is your gaze firmly fixed on a future reality, one that you can describe to others in a way that makes them want to go with you, whatever the cost?

  • – Translating the CEO or ED’s Vision for the organization to participants
  • – Creating a Picture of a Future Reality
  • – Getting in Touch With The Needs of Your Youth
  • – Crafting Engaging Purpose Statements
  • – Communicating Vision

Preparation of The Leader

Training Youth leaders with a God given capacity and the God given responsibility to influence a group of God’s people toward God’s purpose for the Youth Ministry

  • – Principles of Leadership
  • – The Three-skill Approach
    • Relevant, Relational and Reflective
  • – Dealing with Ambiguity and Uncertainty
  • – Spiritual Impacts And Outcomes Development
  • – Casting and Communicating Vision



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