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                                                   CPS     KCP(1)     AA(2)       DD(3)

Graduation Rate                74%     87%         67%         100%

College Immediacy(4)    82%     68%          —-           100%


Source: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) Stats and Facts. www.cps.edu/schooldata, accessed 5/6/2017

(1) Fellow students at King College Prep High School

(2) African American students across all of CPS

(3) Participants in Destination Destiny relational activities

(4) Students who immediately transition to college


Actively engaged in community service      80%

Progressed to the next grade level              100%


                    Accomplishments have been replicated seven times

Over 700 teens have been served by Destination Destiny



The critical question of individual, foundation and corporate donors is “How is my donation impacting the work of a nonprofit through its mission?”

We have found that learning and evaluation methods that engage the  students, leaders and other stakeholders in the process have been critical to developing our practical understanding of why and how specific initiatives achieve their outcomes by building practical knowledge about efforts that address the complex neighborhood social challenges young people face.

We understand how much donors value the data-driven approach for decision making.  Because of this we differentiate

  • inputs – the number of resources, both financial and non-financial, etc
  • outputs – number of session held, the number of participants, etc.
  • impact – which measure how much better off the participants, or society as a whole, are as a result of our activities.

While the first two show the quantity of program services provided, it does not indicate whether any real benefits resulted; so our focus is on impact. Impact is not only measured at the end of our relational activities or programs, but is also measured over time. Our impact aligns with our vision and mission and is based on how well we have prepared students for the choices and decisions they have to make and the evidence of their conscious choices.


While we understand that Freshman On-Track is a critical make or break academic measure; we also understand that  10th grade is a critical social year when students begin to become comfortable in defining themselves. It is a year of critical, life altering decisions that the students will make because of peer pressure:

What crowd do I want to be part of now that I understand my school?

What image do I want project?

What do I need to do to get attention and be accepted?

Do I dummy down to fit in?

Why should I prioritize education over my social life?

The world promotes the entertainment industry as the path for success. Do I really need to value education?

What are my possibilities?

Why should I jeopardize my friends for being a positive leader?

It’s all about how they choose to handle peer pressure.  Most students are gifted to achieve when properly guided and supported. We ensure that their understanding of peer pressure is grounded in the exposures that develop their critical thinking skills to focus on a future larger than their school, block or community. Utilizing our Promotive Factors methodology allows us to connect in ways that builds the trust and relationships that leads to impact.

Since 2005 we have impacted student long term thoughts, choices and actions while positioning them  to maximize their potential.


  • The high school graduation rate in Chicago Public Schools is about 74%.


  • Less than half of the graduates go on to college,


  • Only 8% of students who begin high school in the Chicago Public Schools go on to graduate college with a 4-year college degree by their mid 20s.

These numbers add up to a heavy burden on the cultural and economic health of our society, but more pointedly, these numbers are a summation of thousands of tragic individual stories of real people whose opportunities are few and whose hopes are diminished.



  • High school graduates are more likely to vote, to have health insurance and to get a four year college degree.
  • High school graduates live seven years longer than dropouts, and are 5-8 times less likely to be incarcerated.
  • Households headed by high school graduates accumulate 10 times more wealth than those headed by dropouts.
  • College graduates earn 60% more than high school graduates.
  • College Graduates have increased personal/professional mobility, more hobbies and leisure activities, enhanced knowledge of world affairs, decreased levels of prejudice and improved quality of life for their offspring.


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    Study Beyond, our March 2018 student learning trip to Paris, the south of France and Milan. Student's will be immersed in French culture, school, family life and then experience the museums, cafés and boutiques before heading south by TVG to Côtes d'Azur to spend a few days in Milan, Spain.