our purpose

When you pursue God’s purpose for your life, everything you do and say is calibrated in such a way that mature wisdom and sound judgement will guide your every action, interaction and decision.  Leadership is not about personality, it’s about behavior.  We believe they will know Him by what they see in us.

We are called to mentor young people and those who are developing them. To help them engage, discern and make conscious choices as they walk out their destiny.

What does this consist of?

  • Being culturally competent and tuned to the issues they face day-to-day.
  • Being biblically grounded so our council is based on the Word of God and not our opinion.
  • Caring for them and not viewing it as a hassle or an obligation. It is a welcomed responsibility and an honor to serve them.
  • Attempting to be available when a student would expect and show up when they would least expect it.
  • Having discerning eyes and ears in every conversation with them.
  • Being quick to listen and slow to speak that we may fully hear them
  • Being quick to respond to their needs. Really quick. Surprise them with our response time and availability to them.

How do we accomplish this?

  • By being willing to serve others without expectations of payback
  • By living a life with purpose and meaning
  • By becoming a tool in God’s hand
  • By suffering for Him, bearing our cross daily
  • By receiving His gifting for our lives

Who am we?  It’s not about us.  Its about those we serve.  As leaders our gift is to the body of Christ, not for the body of Christ. So to know our purpose requires you to know our students hopes, dreams and desires. Understand their purpose and you will understand ours.

your thoughts. . .