God winks



We discovered this concept of “Godwinks” that we think is absolutely fantastic and have implemented here in our practice.  A  “God wink” is defined as a personal communication from God to an individual, which is usually a circumstance or event that seems like coincidence but is too personal to be so. They are messages of reassurance and encouragement from God throughout one’s life to reassure an individual that he or she is on the right track. “God winks” are like sign posts — sign posts usually don’t direct you; they reassure you of where you are going. Sometimes we wonder if God really listens to us directly, and a “God wink” can be a direct response to that.

On the road of one’s life there will be traffic jams, accidents and things we can’t explain why. These are different than “God winks.” We have free will and things God has purposed for us – we use patience and perseverance to get around the road blocks, etc. and get on with our lives. But we have to step out in faith and we shouldn’t live in fear. In the Bible, faith without action really isn’t faith. We urge people to get out there and head toward their destinies. Many times people will wait for their destiny to come to them, but people have to step out.

Our lives are not random experiences taking us to destinations unknown, our lives are part of a much greater plan.

Share a God wink that you have experienced.